Herman Engelbertinck und seine Egerländer Musikanten









The Orchestra

After having conducted various amateur wind orchestras and having won many awards, I have, in 1997, formed my own orchestra with top musicians, in the original occupation as "Ernst Mosch und seine Original Egerländer Musikanten":

Herman Engelbertinck und seine Egerländer Musikanten

Herewith I treat the audience to unforgettable Egerländer Music of an unequalled level in the tradition of Ernst Mosch.

Tiroler Band with Herman and his father


I was born the 29th. of September 1945 in the Dutch town of Oldenzaal in the east of the Netherlands.
My parents had a very fine ear for music.
My father was a very well known landlord with a great sense of humor.
As an 8-year old boy I played already the trumpet in the pub of my parents.

Father and son at Carnaval

Plechelmus basilica at Oldenzaal


At an early age I took lessons from Mr. G. Kerkhof, solo-trumpeter in the Overijssels Philharmonic Orchestra.
Later I switched to trombone and was admitted to the conservatory at Enschede.
There I finished my studies with Mr. G. Boomsma, solo-trombonist of the OphO.

White cabbage man of Oldenzaal


Marine Band Of The Royal Netherlands Navy

In 1964 I was admitted to the Marine Band.
In 1971 I joined the orchestra of Ernst Mosch und seine Original Egerländer Musikanten.

Original Egerländer

Ernst Mosch

I then played with the Marine Band. Ernst Mosch was in the Netherlands to receive an award, an ‘Edison’.
Ernst Mosch heard me play a solo during recordings of the Marine Band with the Dutch Swing College Band. Apparently he was quite impressed and he offered me a position in his orchestra.
The orchestra of Ernst Mosch in those days was the maximum I could achieve, so I did not have any second thoughts.
I played for 26 years the baritone in the orchestra of the king of wind music.
With Ernst Mosch und seine Original Egerländer Musikanten I have travelled over the world.
Hundreds of concert tours we performed, one of which even took me to the famous Carnegie Hall in New York.


Erns Mosch and Herman
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